music for people volume 1.0

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Welcome to Volume 1.0 of Music For People, a series that invites friends and affiliates of ours to share some of their favourite bits of music with you… the people!

Enjoy the first volume with Moopie from A Colorful Storm, Elias Hanna from Frankston, Will Evans from ZTN, DJ NDL from Lincoln Square and Ben Fester from Heavenly crew in Sydney.


< < < < < MOOPIE > > > > >

Section 25 – Loose Talk (Costs Lives)

DZ Lectric & Anthon Shield – Lickin’

CoH – Fffetish

Technical Onslaught – Eyes of The Mind

Cabaret Voltaire – Seconds Too Late




< < < < < WILL EVANS > > > > >

Walter Wegmuller – Die Welt – Tarot – (Kosmischen Kuriere)
The closing track to one of those Kraut-Rock records that’s worth a gazillion dollars on discogs. Most of those I think are a bunch of people circle jerking each other, but this record is wild. The rhythm section on this track is so solid that it stops the psych elements from becoming too heavy, and basically makes it a funk record, before it turns pretty full on Kraut in the last 2 minutes.


Dag Nasty – Circles – Can I Say – (Dischord Records)
I never had an emo phase as a teenager, and I can’t really bring myself to get into the emo/pop-punk stuff from the naughties, so this is it for me. DC hardcore is known for being pretty heavily DIY and anti establishment, but this record is much more introspective. It focuses on drifting friendships and heartbreak; it’s everything I missed out on by not being a morose teen. Welcome to my moody teenage style quarter life crisis. This is my black parade.

Bill Callahan – Highs in the Mid-40’s Dub – Have Fun With God – (Drag City)
Bill Callahan writes some of the most remarkable songs I have ever heard. Riding for the Feeling rips my fucking heart out every time I hear it. Have Fun With God is Bill doing Dub versions of the songs from his 2013 Album Dream River, and I love it so much because it’s just so weird. I haven’t heard of anyone making dub versions of an Americana/folk record before so it’s just a fascinating listen before you take into account how good the songs are.

Harari – Give – Harari (A&M Records)
This came out on a 7” a bit before this album with a track called Party, which is just as awesome. This track has a bit of a Freedom! ’90 vibe in the chorus, but with way more soul and less George Michael. I don’t know a whole lot about the band itself other than they were from South Africa. Kind of makes there American funk and soul vibe seem a little vanilla considering some of the other stuff coming out of there at the same time. Love it regardless.

Bell Witch – Suffocation, A Drowning: II – Somniloquy (The Distance of Forever) – Four Phantoms (Profound Lore)
I am really into doom at the moment, and this whole album rules. The drums are super heavy, but the guitars have a great texture and provide an ambience that will help if this sort of music isn’t your vibe.
I’ve read they refer to themselves as funeral doom, which makes a lot of sense, as it is probably the loneliest record I have heard all year. I will listen to it with you if you don’t want to feel alone

< < < < < DJ NDL > > > > >

The Slits – Man Next Door
Big tune covering the John Holt classic, the version on the B side is also bunsen.


Rod Taylor – Promised Land

Heavyweight rig off Strong Like Sampson. The bass is a strongun and makes me feel good.

Kingpin Skinny Pimp – Good To Go
This track is the one, it might be my favourite memphis tune. Me and the homie bjorn have been singing it lately (shoutout bjorn). gotta make a stang.

Dean Blunt – Punk
Formerly of Hype Williams, Blunt at it again with a big choon

Super Black – Bad Bwoy Gwan A Jail
Dancehall rig. Digi killer. Free Metcalfe

< < < < < ELIAS HANNA > > > > >

Laraaji – Cave – (Bee Mask Version) [All Saints]
Two fascinating artists in musical conversation…sonically contrasting and swirling electronics.



Ekkert – When All Is Lost Nothing Is Forgotten [Bastakiya Tapes]
Short album of layered analogue instruments and swirling electronics. Late night / early morning sounds.

Mapstation – The Africa Chamber [~scape]
A drum project of Stefan Schneider…addictive rhythms and melodies. Have been listening to this repeatedly for the past few years, just great.




Senyawa – Calling the New Gods (Live in Java)
There’s something crafted and imperfect about this live performance (recorded in film by Vincent Moon), which makes it hard to describe and harder to forget. Raw, bare bones music. Can’t wait to see them play live.


Muslimgauze – Islamic Songs [Staalplaat]
Another previously unreleased work from the late Bryn Jones’ Manchester vault, still only scratching the surface of this enigmatic man’s music like everyone else. Dense and repetitive collages of interpreted ethnic sounds and politics.

Mike Parker – Drainhum (Percussion Mix) [Geophone]
Find me a banger more bangin’.

< < < < < BEN FESTER > > > > >

PLO Man – Type Damascus

Braden Schlager – Morning (Du Heaume mix)


Simo Cell – Piste Jaune

The Gnocchi – Summer Hard

Tambien – Ondule