2200 – Killed By Deaf EP (12′)

Catalogue number: CL004
Title: Killed By Dead EP
Artists: Dan White
Release date: December 2015

New Dan White alias on ozzy label Cult Trip!

RA review:
2200 is, I’d wager, not a random number. Dan White, as 2200 is better known, debuted last year with Death Flutes, one of Forbidden Planet’s most buoyant releases, and has since put out a string of sci-fi-indebted records that either sound like a vision of the future or are simply named that way. (Rings Around Saturn is another of his aliases.) Over and above his work rate—White has at least eight physical releases to his name since 2014—the Melbourne-based producer excels in his knack for spinning pretty melodies out of coarse, bedraggled loops.

Droning, monochrome passages are the order of the day on 2220’s Killed By Deaf, but “The Rig” is a notable exception. Gurgling acid and gaunt synths wash over a laser-quick arpeggio, which gives the track an unexpected lightness in spite of everything else piled on. Like “Death Flutes,” its closest predecessor, “The Rig” is lo-fi techno you could whistle along to.

White channels grimy post-punk and grunge on “Outlaw,” the EP’s other standout, and the title track’s industrial-minded acid techno is an easy sound for him to slip into. “Technocracy” is where the alien mood White aspires to becomes genuinely unsettling. There are echoes of John Carpenter in the track’s toxic atmosphere, but its synth work, which gives voice to something as malevolent as any villain Carpenter has scored, is a new terror.


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