Börft 128 – Kondens – Tird

Catalogue number: Börft 128
Title: Tird
Artists: Kondens
Release date: 2015


Words via Börft :

It’s been a long while. We shouldn’t have left you without a dope beat to step to. Tird is, as the name might imply, the third vinyl from the Swedish duo Kondens. The first two were out 2010 and 2011 on Kontra-Musik and included remixes by Chain Reaction’s very own Substance and Berghain resident Norman Nodge. Since then, Kondens has slowed down the tempo a bit, both production wise as well as musically. Andreas Tilliander has focused on his TM404 and Mokira projects but did a rare release as Tilliander for Borft Records too. Stefan Thor is currently working on the followup for his Folie moniker which gave birth to two albums in the beginning of this decade. Slammin glam techno! Lim ed first pressing 329x


Track-list :

A1. Bug Miff

A2. Manolito

B1. For whom the BEL BD240 Tolls

B2. Drinker min kaf


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