BSR012 Villa Åbo – Brain Charter Disco

Catalogue number: BSR012

Title: Brain Charter Disco

Artists: Villa Åbo

Release date: June 24, 2017

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Since 87’ a 13 year old Jan Svensson AKA Villa Åbo has been the back bone of Swedish electronic experimentalist group Frak and behind one of the biggest inspirations for Butter Sessions, Borft Records. As always, Jan keeps pushing the boundaries on this 4 tracker.


Kicking it off, ‘Just a 309’ is a stripped back rough and ready house track in true 90’s Borft style. On ‘Mission Just Pam Pom’ we are blasted with space zaps and bizzaro chords melted together with an irresistible beat and SFX from tomorrow. The wierd-o-meter is stepped up a few notches on the B Side with the sluggish yet hypnotic burn on ‘Separated Together’. A bonus collaborative effort on ‘Pony-Flute’ by Jan and another Frak member Duo J encapsulates us with a dramatic introduction of flute like synths and dark atmospheres, taking us into the underworld.

Mastered by JBS @ Studio Stryka
Sleeve design by Mind Twist

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