Booshank – Fjord Falcon

Couch Acid Recordings debuts with the release of Fjord Falcon EP by label boss Booshank. For this release Melbourne-native Booshank, a long-time lover of all things “dusty but digital”, takes the form of a quicksilver space-magpie and makes the annual migration from Alpha Crucis to Gacrux, along the way birthing 4 pieces of psychedelic techno and electronica.

This is Booshank’s most varied release to date, taking in pulse-driven acid house, electronica nervosa, and spacious, sprawling hallucinogenic soundscapes. The EP title Fjord Falcon is perhaps clever indicator of theme of the record itself, paying homage to the derelict automotive industry that indirectly gave rise to the acid house genre, along with dreamy Australiana new age soundscapes. On the A-side polyrhythmic tensions are countered with crystalline cosmic warbling across the rhythm-focussed tracks Grill, Rhythm Select, and TX Kleenex. Meditation in F, taking up the entire B-side, is a 15-minute meander along a storm swept beach on the deepest south east corner of Australia. There be no dragons, but millions of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a synth.

Available as a limited edition high-bias cassette with artwork by Al White (12th Isle, Firecracker), and digital.



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