Klon Dump – Versus The Open Air 2×12″

Catalogue number: ACOLOUR005
Title: …Versus The Open Air
Artists: Klon Dump
Format: 2×12″

Five alarmingly immaculate, impeccably produced wrigglers from this side of the Spree. Twitch, prang and Bimmer-kid swing included for you there in the corner. Eight-legged tek’ouz, bleep and shades of grimelight meet GRM-school ilektro-acoustic spectralism. Sub-low basslines guaranteed; “dreamy”, “lush”, “soulful” (oh, God) pads absolutely unwelcome.

“Why is anybody still up?”

Written and produced by Klon Dump.
Mastered and cut by Mike Grinser at Manmade.

A. Out Of Touch!
B1. Sashay Crabwise
B2. Sashay FX For Moopie
C. Specialist
D. The Risk Taker


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