Quaid’s Technological Afterlife was originally self-released in mid-2017, and has since become a staple soundtrack at Couch Acid HQ. In an age where our yearning for non-linear experiences has birthed a resurgence in lo-fi aesthetics, Quaid comes correct with an album of achingly human future/retro machine-funk and 12-bit dreamscapes for your digitally enhanced neurons. This welcome reissue on hi-bias cassette is an opportunity for those that know the Afterlife to see it in a new light, and should help it earn the attention it deserved the first time around.

This is music that simultaneously sounds like the smog-laden city that birthed it and a digital netherworld rendered in violet and magenta, circled by synthetic souls longing for intimate contact. Conceived as a continuous listening experience, Technological Afterlife on the cassette format encourages the listener to sit with the moment and reflect on the increasing integration between our organic and digital identities and where we go from here.

Less sample-heavy than Quaid’s 2014 The Digital Fantasy I (Hot Shot Sounds) and II (self-released) and perhaps more conceptually focussed, Technological Afterlife ripples with dissonant poly-synth textures, scattered rhythms and otherworldly vocal calls. The lo-fi fog of ‘Complict’, ‘The Life Electronic’ and ‘Love Perpetual’ are craftily countered by the angular and disjointed ‘Sins Of The Ancients’, and drum-machine driven ‘TheNiteSheLeftMe’, ‘Liberated Matter’ and ‘Answers’. Long-time collaborator Shephard (of the 22a label family) lends his futuristic vocal talents on three tracks. Also enlisted are Tadek Pekacz (the Polish Chick Corea) and Italian synth-sax maverick Flippo Pratesi, giving a mortal touch to Quaid’s main-frame aesthetic.

International tastemakers Alexander Nut and Funkineven caught the vibe early, giving ‘Liberated Matter’, ‘The Life Electronic’, ‘Medusa’ and ‘Machine Psychology’ airtime on NTS Radio in late 2017.



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