Sleep D – Erased [AST093]

Last year we were asked to perform a live score to David Lynch’s 1977 film ‘Eraserhead’ at Cult Cinema in Brunswick, Melbourne – it was an amazing and new experience for us that we are happy to present to you now in long play cassette formate. 8 tracks cut directly from the live session housed in a clam shell cassette wallet. Noisey, dark and nerve racking. Thanks to Hayden from Hear My Eyes for organizing the event and Cooper from Altered States Tapes for putting it out.

Digital available here:

A1. Metal Tooth
A2. It’s OK
A3. Regular Chicken
A4. Head Flip
B1. Cradle
B2. Lady In The Radiator
B3. Hot Tub
B4. Look At My Knees

Words from AST:


Here is a special, standalone release preceding the next upcoming batch courtesy of Frankston’s favourite sons, Sleep D. Maryos Syawish and Corey Kikos have been busy carving out their own sound and, in turn, an entire scene essentially via their Butter Sessions label, parties and live / DJ sets in Melbourne.

Erased is a soundtrack the duo were commissioned to play live accompanying David Lynch’s Eraserhead for the Cult Cinema pop-up series, Hear My Eyes last year. Listening to their soundtrack, even divorced from the film’s surreal visuals, successfully channels the same kind of unsettling dread and dark irreverence that has made Eraserhead such an enduring production.

While most would be more acclimatized to Kikos and Syawish’s floor-ready 4/4 productions and drifting ambient collabs with Albrecht La’Brooy, Erased sees them utilizing their technical versatility to create a much more unsettling atmosphere. There are rhythmic moments, but this is otherwise a largely different Sleep D to the one you think you know. Obviously, it is fitting that these be committed to tape for Altered States.



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