Tackle – Grondman

Catalogue number: ACOLOUR004
Title: Grondman
Artists: Tackle
Format: 12″

“Cheating at games was rampant, and several of the most profitable lottery games were found to be corrupt. Card sharps and dishonest operators came to characterise the class of ‘professional’ gamblers, and those unfortunates who played with them were at best foolish sheep waiting to be fleeced.”

Man like Tackle stumbles back to the barnhouse for two rounds of no fucks given, up-yours belligerence in the best traditions of outback hooliganism. Breaks are fossicked, smashed and no less mangled against a wall of No-U-Turn overdrive and drill-wielding, Z.N.S. neurosis.

Harmless fun, right?

Written and produced by Greg Steele.

‘Grondman’ samples commentary from Race 8 Mandurah, recorded on Friday May 16, 2014 and Ashburton TAB.

Mastered and cut by Lupo at Calyx.

A. Grondman
B. Smoke Point


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