Sleep D / DJ Fett Burger / Jayda G – Velvet Vortex EP – BSR004

Catalogue number: BSR004
Title: Velvet Vortex EP
Artists: Sleep D / DJ Fettburger / Jayda G
Release date: May 28th

The next communication from Butter Sessions is here! Label heads Sleep D team up with DJ Fett Burger & Jayda G to wow you with a wide range of sonics recorded via the Velvet Vortex between Vancouver and Melbourne. Something for the pure late night bliss, early morning ecstasy or Sundays on the couch!


A1) Velvet Vortex (DJ Fettburger & Jayda G Steel D Flanger Mix)
B1) Velvet Vortex (Sleep D Rainforest Version)
B2) Velvet Vortex (Sleep D Bud Dub)


IMG_5921 IMG_5919