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Tunnel Signs
Butter Mix 11

For Butter Mix 011 we have gone local again, this time to Sydney where Ash Moses aka Tunnel Signs resides. As well as making great music, he runs Death Strobe Records with label mate Andy Webb, releasing a wide style of records that are always interesting.

Your Latest record as Tunnel Signs was released on your co-owned imprint Death Strobe Records. How did these two projects start?

Well Death Strobe is a label I started with my friend Andy.. it was kind of a drunken idea in a club that came good. I've been making music for a while and used to mess around years ago on a program called Acid Pro... I've been making edits and stuff for my DJ sets for years but only recently sort of sat down with the idea of putting something out... having the label was definitely good motivation!

Can you fill us in on your background as a designer?

I study design here in Sydney and as cliche as it sounds I guess its just another outlet for stuff I enjoy.. Its also a lot more stable job wise than the music thing! I do love old record covers and flyers and stuff so the opportunity to design this sort of thing is really rewarding.

You mentioned this mix was much slower then what you usually would do. Did you have a particular inspiration for the mix?

I warmed up for Melbourne dimensioneer DJ/legend Andee Frost last Friday at a new weekly night I'm helping with at a dope club called Spice Cellar. I played the first set from like 10 - 11:30 and the club was busy but people were still pretty chilled... it was nice doing that really pitched down slow vibe so I kinda decided to incorporate it into this set. It definitely gets a bit deeper later on though!

What can we expect from you in the Future?

The Tunnel Signs thing is coming along nicely..My friend Paddy who played guitar on Sun has come aboard as a full time member of the 'project'...We saw New Order live for the first time last week which was awesome and kinda decided we had to write some more stuff together... I've basically written a new EP so we are going to start recording stuff for that soon. I also did the first official Tunnel Signs remix which is coming out on next Bang Gang. The label is pretty crazy this year with some amazing releases coming up! My aforementioned mate Paddy and I also wrote a children's book (another drunken idea that panned out) so hopefully we can finish that this year as well!

Photo by Amelia Stanwix