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North Pollard
Butter Mix 14

Melbourne based DJ and producer North Pollard  has mixed up #014 in the series. Thomas has been busy in the studio lately making a wide range of tunes and releasing his first EP on Audio Parralax from the UK, aswell as releasing a limited l 10" so we are excited to present you with this mix. We also asked North a few quick questions.

Can you tell us abit about the North Pollard project?

Nothing special really, it started about 2 years ago and is just a name for my solo stuff. There is no underlying theme or single linking idea, I use it play gigs and differentiate from previous projects KABLAM! (w/ my best mate Marty Coghlan) and the Stories from the Suburbs party mixes.

What have you been up to most recently?

Well since arriving back home from the standard European adventure I've become a lot more motivated with my productions. I'm actually still listening through all the records I brought back, picking apart samples and seeing what i can use.... but there are a few I've recently pulled out of the pile and thought to myself "what the hell is was I thinking buying this". I'm also much more heavily involved with the guys down at New Guernica now as well, helping run the Saturday night party's as well as chipping in my two cents for bookings and admin stuff. And now with the "Chuckle Park" lane way open, the rest of the year is looking great there. Really excited to see where the future takes us. The mix you've given us is quite diverse, does this reflect your usual DJ style?

Yeah... its all over the shop isn't it. Basically, it's a bunch of records i wish i had the chance to play out more often. I usually try not to play too much of the same style or i start to get a little bored. I don't think i have the stamina to play the same style all the time.

Who has been influencing you lately and what have you been listening to?

I've been really into the Melbourne beat scene as of late. So listening to a lot of Andras Fox, Thrupence, This Thing and Flash Forest. I went to the Cut Records gig they all played last week, which was pretty swell. I've started exploring techniques of using the same type of sampling on some house tracks. I have the biggest man crush on both Floating Points and Todd Terje, so much talent.

What have you got coming up for North Pollard?

In terms of gigs, just the usual residency at New Guernica. Production; hopefully get a couple more tracks under my belt and start shopping them around and see who bites..... that was an interesting mix of metaphors there. I'm not in the biggest of hurries with it all though, I'd rather take my time. After seeing the Cut Records gig last week, I'm super keen to sort some form of live set out, looks really hard though haha. Life; I'm in the process of making a short film with a good friend. Can't wait to see Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises, and maybe find myself a girlfriend for the winter.

Photo by Sinan Turan