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Butter Mix 17

Next up on the Butter Mix we have one of the UK fastest rising stars Ejeca. After releasing a stellar EP on Tusk Wax label, Ejeca put together a collaboration with muscle men Bicep on Aus Music titled "You". If you don't know about this guy yet, here's your chance to get familiar.

So, tell us a bit about the Ejeca.

I had different projects before, just wanted a a fresh start with a name/word that doesn't exist. It was initially going to be a dubby/drum and bass thing, if you trawl the internet there's some still some reference to it. 'A Time For Change' is an old track about 4 years old from this era that should be coming out on my Saints and Sonnets EP.

How do you find the house music scene in Belfast at the moment?

I live just outside Belfast and always have, music scene is good here. A lot of dedicated house music fans and the guys that put on the nights don't do it for the money just the love.

What influenced your interest in house and electronic music?

Probably my brothers and my cousin, from when i can remember I've had a 4x4 909 kick drum in my face and it's never left. It's amazing how good 90s dance music was, it was a great time to get into it.

We understand you have been producing for a quite a few years now, what have been some of the main changes in the way you work and your gear since the early days?

I can remember recording south park samples over Orbitals tunes on the original PlayStation Wipeout game, 'Oh my god you killed Kenny' over the top of Technologique Park (Monster Hit!) . I must have been about 10, all i used was Windows Media Player,Windows Sound Recorder and a Walkman. I think since then I've read all the magazines tutorials etc i could to get my technique sorted . Now i produce very quick, usually if i get an idea in my head it would be a nearly complete track a few hours later, I think this is because of all the stuff I've learned in the past 10+ years.

What have you got in the pipelines?

I'm quite busy getting stuff arranged for various labels :- Extended Play, House of Disco, Saints & Sonnets, Needwant and Kolour.

Can you tell us about the mix you have put together for us? I tried to do a mix that keeps getting quicker, hence starting with Vangelis and ending with Traxman . Didn't want to keep it too one style so it's a bit of a wide selection.

Photo by Amelia Stanwix