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DJ Honeypants
Butter Mix 70

Welcoming Tokyo's @djhoneypants to the Butter Mix! We met Honeypants AKA Haruna Suzuki in Tokyo last year when we were oblivious to her ability as a selector. Since we've been somewhat obsessed with her mixes and style. Starting out in 2012 playing in Tokyos small bars and venues, she was introduced to the Soi48 DJ Unit who schooled her in to the music of Thailand, Burma, Middle East, India, Traditional Japanese and so on. They held a world music oriented party at a small venue in Shinjuku where Honeypants was invited to DJ several times. This is where she learnt about tons of amazing music she'd never heard of. Since then Haruna's been fascinated by that music, even travelling to India, Thailand etc to find vinyl many times.

Some words from Haruna:

"It was just a few years back when I started listening to and collecting dance music vinyl. I find them similar in many way; they are both hypnotic, primitive, and created strictly for dancing. Since then I always try to melt such world music into dance music in my set to make those inaccessible obscure kind of music more familiar and alive."

You can usually catch her playing at the small yet hottest music bars in Tokyo like Bonobo, Forestlimit, or Mescalito - where real music heads get together.

"What I like about those venues is that sometimes I play super unique kind of music as I mentioned above yet still people are amazingly open to it. That gives me real happiness and more love to the music and folks there."