ACOLOUR001 – California Dreaming – Denial (7″)

Catalogue number: ACOLOUR001
Title: California Dreaming
Artists: Denial

A Colourful Storm reintroduces a long lost Oz classic.

Formed by Brian Hall and Kevin Purdy in 1982, Denial originally appeared on Mitch Jones and Michael Tee’s legendary M Squared label, home to Australian industrial and wave outfits Systematics, SPK, Scattered Order and The Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast. Following production assistance for indie labels from the mid to late eighties, Hall resurfaced in 2012 under his Aural Indifference moniker, closing the Minimal Wave Tapes Volume Twocompilation with ‘Theme’.

Denial’s Mamas and Papas rendition, featuring the voice of Lisa Cripps, transports the Phillips sweethearts from Sunset Boulevard into the M Squared spare room turned studio. A pop relic laced with drear, it sits far distant from the idyllic optimism of sunshine culture.

On the flip, Hall’s own elegance in songwriting and arrangement is on show. The bittersweet jangle of ‘The Weatherman’ evokes Television Personalities or vintage Felt, while the vocals, hopeful, desirous, recall early Adrian Borland. A short story for the light blue.

California Dreaming / The Weatherman will be released in early 2016 (February, we hope) on 7″ vinyl, remastered and with new artwork.

Both tracks recorded in 1982 at M Squared Studio, Sydney.
Engineered by Michael Tee.

Synth, Guitar, Vocals on ‘The Weatherman’ by Brian Spencer Hall.
Vocals on ‘California Dreaming’ by Lisa Cripps.
Drums on ‘The Weatherman’ by Kevin Purdy.

Remastered at Optimum.
Artwork by Moopie.

A. California Dreaming
B. The Weatherman



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