The Mystic Jungle Tribe – Live In Napoli (Copy)

Catalogue number: GOOD-09
Title: Live In Napoli
Artists: The Mystic Jungle Tribe

Recorded At Semmai Factory Lab – OUTTA, 1st May 2015 in Naples.
Thanks To: Brian Not Brian, Going Good, Early Sounds Recordings, Periodica Records, Pietro Rianna (Like Someone), Pier Piè, Nunca Mas Juan, Buffalo, Bop, Chiara Borzacchiello, Nicola, Antonio and all who were there.

“It was our first live performance ever, the selected place (the “Semmai Factory”, very intimate spot & run by our friends) lent itself to our view to a more ambient flavour than what we have done in “Solaria” album. Everything has been designed and built in no time allowing improvisation”

Dario di Pace (Mystic Jungle): Korg Dw 8000, Roland XV3080
Raffaele Arcella (Whodamanny): Casio MT750, Korg Poly 800
Enrico Fierro (Milord): Gem Electronique Equinox 76
Drums and Sequences: Akai MPC2000XL

The Mystic Jungle Tribe is formed by: Mystic Jungle (Dario di Pace), Whodamanny (Raffaele Arcella) and Milord (Enrico Fierro).



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