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Butter Mix 101

Welcome Kia to BSRMIX #101!

The Animalia boss delivers two hours + of her signature deep and brooding sound(scapes) she has become synonymous with. Read more about Kia and her amazing label Animalia below.

What are you working on at the moment?

Now that my Butter Sessions mix is done and dusted I'm keen to slow down with making mixes. I prefer letting the ideas brew for a while. I'm working on some productions in collaboration with my partner iota. We built a studio in our backyard during lockdown so it's nice to have a dedicated space now :-) We've got a song coming out on a compilation on one of my favourite Dutch labels soon, and we're working on some other bits and bobs too. Apart from that, I'm$ focusing on planning the next few releases for my label Animalia.. lots of big and exciting things planned from a range of amazing locals!

How and where did you record this mix?

After spending about 6 months brewing on it and slowly putting songs together in Rekordbox throughout my scattered iso digging sessions I recorded it in my studio using my xone92... For me, the xone is essential for my kind of mixing as it's really long and drawn out! Having not DJ'd much at all since Covid began it felt good to be playing music that I love (albeit alone) - it got me excited for gigs starting to happen and things slowly starting to pop off again. The mix has a bunch of forthcoming tunes coming out on Animalia in the next year as well as some collabs between myself and iota :-)

Can you tell us about your label "Animalia"?

I decided to launch Animalia after I played a few gigs around Europe last year and spent the trip sharing unreleased tunes by friends in Melbourne. A few people suggested I start my own label, and I'm so glad I actually seized the opportunity and did it. The label is almost one year old now and we're about to launch the third release (which is a very special one!). Whilst I don't want to constrain the label to a particular genre of music, the label was born out of my taste as a DJ, which I guess tends to lean towards deeper styles. I've got so many releases lined up for the new year and am going to start pumping them out a little more frequently.. I'm looking forward to diversifying the styles and sharing all this crazy homegrown talent we've got in Melbourne with the world!

Anything coming up you'd like to mention?

I'm playing my first gig in a looong while this Saturday the 12th at Colour for Melbourne Music Week, which will be pretty cool to play on a proper set up with friends (and even dance floors are allowed now!). Apart from that, as I mentioned earlier, I plan to announce the next Animalia release just after the new year begins, so keep your eyes and ears out for that .. :-) Also pending Covid restrictions easing I do hope to host a belated Animalia launch party sometime in the new year!